Sunday, November 4, 2007

No Dog Left Behind...

We have two dogs... Kbetsy an Alaskan Malamute/Shepard mix and a small black Lab mix named Tooter.

They have both been living with Tom since we had the floors refinished earlier this summer. They love it there - he gives them treats, lets them sleep on the furniture, and takes them for a walk every day after dinner.

They come up here on the weekends with Tom when he comes up to work and happily go back with him. A couple weeks ago when I went down to Maryland I brought the dogs back here with me because Tom was traveling to St. Louis the next week. He came home on the weekend (last weekend) but did not take the dogs because he had several late meetings and an out-of-town meeting last week so I kept the dogs again.

Both dogs were a bit depressed that 'dad' left without them last Sunday. Have ya ever seen dogs moping around? For crying out loud... they are pathetic - especially Toot who is quite the whiner and spoiled by Tom.

On Tuesday I had to take them for a ride when we had the folks coming to look at the house again - we ended up spending 2 hours gone from the house running errands. It was a nice cold day so they were perfectly happy sitting in the car. That is - until we got home. Kbetsy jumps right out of the car and heads for the house. Toot - gets up on the back seat... looks around and gives me a 'nope we ain't there yet' look and lays back down on the floor behind the drivers seat - her riding position in every car. I have to go around to the drivers side - open the back door - put a leash on her and pull her out of the car!

She has not been happy all week - very clingy and whiney. She drove me nuts following me around everywhere I went in the house this week.

She was very happy when Tom showed up again this Friday - me too because that meant she would be following him around instead of me!

This Sunday morning Tom was getting the vehicles switched over - the car goes with whoever has the dogs - the other drives the truck. He let Toot get into the car... Kbetsy was on the porch but wasn't to be left out of the action and started barking for me to take her outside too.

There they were... it was 9:30AM - they were both in the car - and they WERE NOT GETTING OUT FOR ANYTHING! I tried a couple times before I left for work - but neither of them would get up.

Tom didn't leave until about 2:oo PM and he couldn't get them out of the car to go potty before he left. So he stopped at the first rest stop on the turnpike so that they could go. It wasn't the house - they knew they were on a road trip!

Goofy dogs... they were bound and determined to not get left here again.


Anonymous said...

So would you say they know which side their bread is buttered?

At least you know they are happy living in the apartment with Tom!

Crazy dogs!!!


Anonymous said...

Lori, nothin' crazy 'bout those dogs! They are both sharper than tacks, from the sounds of it.... LOL

*it sounds like Tom has spoiled them, a wee bit, though...*


Gizmo said...

ROFLOL!!! I love it!
I think you both are right - smart spoiled dogs.:)

Teri said...

critters. can't live with 'em (sometimes) and can't live without 'em.


with two cats - Barnum & Bailey. The names should say it all.

Dawn-Marie said...

It is not that they don't love you it is just that well if someone supplied us with tons of fabric you bet we would be in that car as well.


Kim said...

Who could make that sweetly pleading face jump out of the car? Goofy dogs, LOL!