Friday, November 2, 2007

Patchwork and Quilted Shoes!

I need to get a new pair of glasses so my daughter and I headed out to the mall to check out Lenscrafters. I'd easily just get another pair of the same ole frames - but I know either of my girls will help steer me towards more up-to-date frames. I did find some frames - a little less round but not really totally rectangular either. I still need to have an eye exam and then I can get the lenses....

So what does all that have to do with quilted shoes? Well across from Lenscrafters is a big shoe store DSW - and since I have no idea where I packed my shoes... I need to get something to wear besides my sneakers and Keen sandals (although I plan to wear my Keens through the winter with warm and cozy socks - I just love them).

Anyway here is what I found while looking around... I didn't buy them but thought they were very cute...
Just about the only quilty thing going on in my life right now... if they had them in a 7D I might have had to own one of them. Quilters shoes for sure don't you think?


Mama Koch said...

I'm surprised you didn't buy these! They're cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to look for some of those, online!!!! I need some!!!!

Saska, cute is the perfect word for them... They look durable too!