Monday, November 12, 2007

A Quilters Gathering

I'm sitting here tonight pondering the past few days...

They have been filled with friendship, laughter, design, color, inspiration, and relaxation.

A Quilters Gathering is a quilt show held each year in Nashua, New Hampshire.

I've done the 'day trips' out to see the show and visit with quilting friends - but the best possible way to experience this is to go and stay at the hotel for a few days with your friends.

A little bit of 'show and tell', a little bit of 'this is how you do that', a whole lot of laughing, shopping, sewing, and ooooing and aahhing goes on.

Yep, I sure needed that! And now - I can't wait till next year!


Teri said...

From all the reports sounds like everyone had a great time! Maybe next year!

Happy quilting!

Gizmo said...

I had such a good time. You're such an excellent teacher, inspiration and friend.