Thursday, November 8, 2007


EXCESS... this is a topic I've been Pondering a lot lately!

As I've cleaned out this house preparing to move - I've become very aware of the excesses I have lived with.

We stuffed all kinds of things away - some items we had to have but never used much and yet couldn't part with?? Clothes that haven't fit for years... so I've decided if I do get to that size again... honey I'm going shopping! It seems like once we acquire something we just can't let go of it... and relegate it to collecting dust someplace dark.

Unfortunately I do have to admit that my quilting habit has it's own excesses... and I have lots and lots of plastic tubs to prove it!

And right now I'm packing sewing machines... my lovely vintage sewing machines. I admit to intentionally collecting a good portion of these - but in my defence... I will also say that a large number of these were part of a salvage project. I saved them from winding up in the dumpster when a sewing machine shop owner had to clear out his storage area... nice idea until your spouse takes a new job and you have to pack them up. At least he didn't say I had to get rid of them - I think because there is a POD completely FULL of his woodworking machines, tools, and equipment.

I'm gonna have arms like Popeye when I'm done lifting these 15-20 lb machines into boxes!

But here is an example of why I love these machines... here is Tiffany - my 1920 Singer 15-30 machine that I use in a treadle cabinet. She sews a truely wonderful stitch and can quilt like nobody's business. So back out to the shed I go today with mittens and a hat to pack machines in 30 degree weather!

1920-15-tiffany 008


Dawn-Marie said...

Oh how could you ever call that machine excess. It is beautiful and a must have.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't make earrings or something out of them, to show them off, instead of relegating them to the dark beyond, out in a shed.........


I am having the same problem dealing with excesses, also. My dd keeps saying to donate "stuff," but what if I've been foolish enough to store, all these years, something that no one wants????? What a crappy realization that would be!!!!!!!


Howdy said...

Ahhh yes - this Tiffany is one that I use all the time and she has a cozy warm treadle in the house to live in.

It is my intent to recondition and put back into use as many machines as possible. Some I'll keep - some I'll sell and some will be used as parts machines.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany is a beauty.

Maybe once you get moved and don't have to paint, pack, unpack, etc. you will have time to work with your beloved machines.


Teri said...

I couldn't agree more. Those model 15's are just be u ti ful!!! The decals are gorgeous.

Happy packing!


Lori said...

They just DON'T make like this anymore... all plastic and crap!

I'm with you sister... save and recondition as many as you can AND then put them out there so others can enjoy the beauty and sewing delight of using one of these vintage babies...