Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sirens… and Quilts too!

Sirens… local volunteer fire department sirens.  The fire station is just down the street and around the corner – probably only about a mile away… if that.  So we hear sirens on a regular basis during the day… and usually they are just part of the background noise of daily life.

But at two in the morning those sirens sound like they are in my back yard… right outside our bedroom window - why is that?

At two in the morning those sirens wake the dog… the dog that is afraid of sirens… the dog that hasn’t figured out the difference between the fire department siren and the quarry siren.  She hears a siren and thinks the ground is going to go boom and rumble… she doesn’t understand and doesn’t find it as cool as I do to feel the rumble. 

So at two in the morning I head downstairs to shoo her back into the kitchen because she’s pushed her way through the gate that keeps them contained to the kitchen and laundry room.  It’s not so much that it keeps them in the kitchen/laundry room as it keeps the fur and dirt they track in out of the rest of the house.

Anyhoo… so I put up a second gate - because 2 gates are better than one… at two in the morning… when sirens are whaling… and a silly dog is freaking out… (yeah I’m sympathetic like that – at two in the morning)

And when I return to my bed… the siren sounds again… six tones… six long tones… up and down… and up and down again… emphatically calling the volunteers… and scaring the dog… because the siren is literally right outside our window… or so it seems at two in the morning.

So what was the problem?  Big factory fire… spreading quickly to other buildings in the high winds… lots of toxic smoke… we were evacuated… it was quite the scene getting all that we would need for us and the dogs… not sure if we would have a house when we returned… 

At least that’s what happened in my dream… the fire and evacuation – the sirens were real…

I have no idea what really happened… because there was nothing mentioned during the local morning news… no mention of an accident or fire… nadda, nothing, zip!

OH WELL… today will be a good day anyway!  The AQS Quilt Show is in Lancaster this week!  Lots of quilty friends have come to town and I will be meeting up with them later today!  I’m actually picking one lady up at the airport this afternoon and I’m excited that I actually get to meet her in person as I’ve known her only ‘virtually’ for many years.

Good Friends and Fabulous Quilts… yeah it’s going to be a good week… and sirens at 2 in the morning aren’t going to make me cranky today… well, ok… not too cranky!

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KyTriplets said...

I'm excited too and I'm even more excited that there wasn't a toxic fire that evacuated the area! LOL! See you this afternoon!