Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lancaster AQS 2010… part 2

I was definitely the gadget girl during this show.  And for what ever reason… curves really spoke to me.  I could easily called this post… Going round in Circles.

I finally purchased a ‘Curve Master Foot’ from Just Curves after watching the creator Sandra Chandler do the demo at the show.  If it is as easy as it looks… it will open a whole new world of quilting for me.  I’ve done some easy wavy curves where the blocks don’t have to match up – but nothing that required any accuracy.  Lancaster 10 032Apparently, secure in my soon to be curve sewing talents, I also picked up the Just Curves small Drunkard’s Path Template set (I love Drunkard’s Path quilts). That purchase was followed by a bottle template from One-Patch Quilts – one of Pat Yamin's Come Quilt With Me templates.  By the way – Pat is a lovely lady and I’ve always enjoyed chatting with her when I’ve seen her at the Nashua show in years past – so I was happy to see her here.  I finally found the Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley (now I can finish that machine appliqué I’ve been working on – like that was the only thing holding me up… ha!) and I picked up an OLFA Circle cutter.  Since that didn’t quite seem like enough circle making capabilities for any sane person… I also picked up a ruler for drawing circles… because the compass I have only opens so far.

Also pictured above are the tools that came with the Curve Master… a roller and a pair of tweezers.  I picked up a small clip on LED light (clipped to the Curve Master Package) and (just in case it takes me a few tries to become an expert) a surgical seam ripper that you can change the blades on.  Knowing me and knives that should be good for a trip to an emergency room at some point in the future… it has been awhile since I’ve needed stitches for some self inflected wound… LOL

Part 3 later… yeah I was that bad!


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are gonna LOVE that little roller!!! You can press seams at your machine, as you go.

Wish I'd been with you, at the show. I've never seen you go nuts before. LOL

Take care, Sweetie.

stonyhillquilts said...

What's a quilter without all her tools! One of these days, I might actually use all the rulers I have a tendency to buy. I love following your blog Cheryl.

Sandy Chandler said...

Thanks for the "shout out!" You WILL be successful with all the curves, and I hope you will send me a photo of everything you make with the Curve Master to post on my blog! Enjoyed reading about your shopping!
Sandy Chandler, Just Curves & Curve Master