Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Make-Over... and Misc. Rambling...

It's chilly.  All my windows are closed.  It's been rainy all week... at least it seems like it's been raining all week... I know for sure we got 2" of rain yesterday because several folks told me today that's what it was... oh well - 'tis the season.

To celebrate - I went over to The Cutest Blog on the Block and picked out a Fall theme background... I'm all set for the next couple months...

My daughter and her fella drove down over the holiday weekend... the visit was too short but it was sooo good to have them here.  Touristy stuff happened in Hershey & Lancaster, we wandered around and around in a Corn Maze, spent a day at the PA Renaissance Faire and at the end of each day we sat and played cards in the kitchen... wonderful weekend - wish they could come down more often.

All the class samples are hanging in the shop, the new class list is out and I've even begun teaching already...

Then of course it's also apple season...canning 9-09 003

My neighbor keeps bringing over apples.  I have already cooked up two batches of applesauce for the freezer and canned a dozen or so pints of apple slices.  Each time I return her buckets she gives them back to me full of apples... LOL  My sister will be visiting next week and will take some off my hands - until then I'll be busy.  I want to make and can apple butter and apple pie filling.  And don't mind the dogs bed... she keeps pulling her covers off and sleeps on the plastic lining of the mat... ??

Last Thursday morning I went and picked 8 pounds of blackberries before the rain started up again.  I have one batch of syrup canned and some of the puree set aside to make "Black-Appleberry Sauce" tomorrow.

canning 9-09 005

A quick shot of my dining room table tonight... blackberry syrup waiting for labels - apple slices ready for storage - calendar of my fall quilt classes - a pile of clean dish towels (I go through a bunch when I'm canning) - and a pile of quilt and canning books.

What I may lack in counter space in the kitchen - I make up for in deep window sills... which comes in handy while cleaning up after canning...canning 9-09 004

Don't pay any attention to the onion in the sink - I picked it off my pizza tonight... and no I haven't painted my kitchen yet... some day after canning season is over the walls will become yellow!  Can't remember what I picked out last year for the trim... ???  Maybe red??  I guess it will be a surprise - sure hope I still like it - what ever it is.

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Anonymous said...

Mornin' Howdy!
Hope all is well in the PA area.
I'm looking forward to the day I can pop out your way and play.