Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stash Busting (Ha!) Weeks 36-38

I think I have to actually sew to have some busting going on... and that doesn't seem to be happening here during canning season.  What few postings I've had during the past month revolve around canning... and what sewing I do seems to be limited to working on samples while working at the quilt shop.

I did go out to Sauders Fabrics & Dry Goods last week during their Warehouse Sale to find backing fabric for my sister in TX.  I picked up 2 bolts - both were 15 yards - one a print at 1.95 a yard and the other a tone on tone at 2.95... my sister selected the print so I'll be adding the 15 yards of tone on tone to my count this week. 

I had to return to Sauders to pick up some oatmeal and some Clearjel to make my pie filling for canning... and another bolt of fabric came home as well.  (I knew it was a bad idea to wander around amongst the fabric)  It was something I thought would make nice curtains for one of the bedrooms - another 15 yards.

So that's 30 yards in for me... and nothing out...

I'll finish up some canning today and then make my plans to do some sewing this week... maybe next week I can report something going out!


Kare said...

Oh my - Heaven help my stash report if I begin to purchase bolts!

Mary-Kay said...

I'm glad that we don't have stores like that here. Every time I need something I too would be tempted to buy more fabric. But you got a great deal on that bolt!

Ruthie said...

Sauders sounds like a wonderful place!