Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nine Months...

You'd think this baby would be done by now!

In January I started Bonnie Hunters Double Delight New Years Day Mystery Quilt... I started late because I wanted to see the end result before I started.

I completed the double nine patch blocks... Double Delight 012

and the 9 patch units for the Star Block.  But had only partially completed the square in a square units.

Double Delight 014

No progress since Jan. 30th when I put it all neatly away.

double delight 015


Now all the cheddar and brown units are sewn - after trimming those I'll be ready to assemble the blocks.


double delight 017

I got tired of trimming the 120 cheddar/brown units - so I shifted gears and put 5 blocks together... only 25 more to go.


Although it would be nice to get the top all together... it's not a high priority - I just want to get the blocks together so I don't risk loosing parts.

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