Saturday, September 19, 2009

I need to take the batteries out...

Time is just passing too quickly...

It's already mid-September... past mid-September actually!

I went to the orchard this weekend to pick blackberries again rather than wait until next week.  Last week when I went I only picked from one side of the row of bushes and easily picked 8 pounds of berries in about an hour.  Today I picked on both sides and had to work really hard to find 6 pounds and it took me 2 hours.  I am sooo glad I didn't wait until next week. canning 9-09 007 I don't have nearly enough blackberry syrup canned and I want to make more Black-Apple-Berry Sauce... Applesauce with Blackberry puree added.  canning 9-09 015

It is a wonderful magenta color don't ya think?

Speaking of apples...

canning 9-09 008

The 2 FIVE GALLON PAILS in front came to live with me on Friday... just as I was making headway on using up the apples my neighbor Mrs. B keeps bringing over.  But every time I give one of her buckets back she has Mr. B fill it up and sends it back to me.

I'm going to use what I can and the rest will wait until my sister comes out next week.

I'm not giving Mrs. B her buckets back... ever.

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