Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Took August?

I'm pretty sure I didn't use all the days yet... so somebody must be hiding a few here and there!

OK - I won't complain... especially since my youngest favorite daughter and her fella are coming to visit the first weekend in September - so I guess we have to get August out the door first.

The past couple weeks have been busy... The Engineer and I have been getting all kinds of projects done around the house since we returned from our trip earlier in the month.

While doing some electrical work in the basement ceiling he found a skeleton... a mouse...

skeleton 003 looks funny without it's arms but The Engineer wasn't interested in hunting those down... LOL

We've enjoyed the produce from the garden thus far - I've cooked up a variety of tomatoes several times into sauce that I used right away.  This past weekend I finally managed to freeze some sauce for future use.Canning

I had two good size cantaloupes grow and they were tasty!  Yard-Garden I'm in love with cucumbers... who knew they could be so good!  I pulled onions the other day and braided the tops together.  The few I've used so far have been very tasty.  I was hoping my beets would get a little bit bigger as they seem to be kinda scrawny.  But I'll pull those up soon as the leaves are dying off.  I've got two fairy tale pumpkins putting some color on too - I'm excited about them.  Oh and corn... yummy... I've pulled ears several times now for dinner that were decent size and nicely filled in - I pulled all the rest today and was actually surprised at how well they were filled out - pictures below show the biggest and the smallest ones.

Corn 001 Corn 003

Corn 002 Corn 005

Corn 007

I decided to cut the corn off all the cobs and make corn chowder!  Just threw it into some chicken broth, a bit of fresh rosemary - a little flour to thicken and then I added cream... this pic is before the cream.  The Engineer was hungry so there was no more time for pictures!

My herbs are doing nicely... basil, parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme... I've dried some and made pesto with the basil last week.  I'm also drying some stevia to grind up and use as a sweetener... it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

And I have been sewing too... check out this cute purse from Maple Island Quilts... the pattern is called "Wallet and Grommet".  This was Quick to make... I especially like that the handle can be short - or you can use just one side and sling it over your shoulder.  Wallet & Grommet 003

I'll make the wallet tomorrow if I can find my fusible stuff... I know it's somewhere up there in one of those boxes.

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