Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Storm...

I heard the rumble start way off in the distance.  In the dark of not quite morning it rolled and rumbled closer and louder.

Then the heavy rain fell... all at once like a waterfall making the roof roar in the early morning quiet.

I made my way downstairs knowing that the dog was going to be upset and would force her way through the gate that keeps her in the kitchen.  We didn't need that racket at 5:00 AM.

As I came through the gate - one dog was sound asleep on the kitchen floor... the other one - the one I was most concerned about also sound asleep on her bed in the laundry room.  ? Huh?

I looked out the kitchen door to the sidewalk and driveway beyond... nothing... dry as a bone...

?  Huh?

As real as that thunder and rain had sounded - it was in my dream...

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