Friday, September 14, 2007

You are spending too much time painting if...

you have to vacuum the drop cloths!

Well it didn't help that I went away for several days last week, I work at the quilt shop on the weekends and I'm sure I could find a few more excuses... but the end result (especially with 2 house cats) is that when I finally get back to painting - I have to vacuum first. The big drop cloths sorta stay put but the vacuum plays havoc with the 'pre-taped plastic drop cloths' that are all around the edges - I have to cut the suction power way back or they get sucked up.

Actually the cats have been more of an issue with the plastic - they are having a grand time running and sliding around - so I'm always resticking them in place as I move around the room.

I had set Friday as my 'finish by' date but I'm not sure if that's going to pan out. I made the mistake of having a cup of coffee last night... so I was up late and slept late as well.

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