Monday, September 24, 2007

A Leap of Faith...

Do ya ever do that? Take a Leap of Faith... just step out there without a parachute, cut wood without safety goggles, serve soup you haven't tasted yet, wash windows in the dark? Move and not know exactly where you are going?

I was asked in my last post where I was moving to... and I've been pondering that answer all afternoon. You see the quick answer is - I don't know exactly.

I do know that at least temporarily I'll be moving to northern MD where my husband currently has an apartment. He's working just south of Philly - so the commute is pretty easy from there. And the general plan is to live someplace south or southwest of Philly out in the country. Of course we have to sell this house first. And that's about all the facts in the matter.

Those few details or the lack of details seems to bother some folks I talk to. But I'm OK with things being kinda up in the air. I'm pretty sure things will work out... one way or another - things will work out.

My last chore this evening was washing some windows. Well it was either that or drag out some paint and do some touchup work - washing the windows won! As I worked on the last few - it was getting dark - which limits your ability to see if you have any streaks. But I kept washing... another leap of faith? Sorta - I was using a microfiber cloth soaked in white vinegar and one of those cool lint free cloths (kinda like diaper material) to dry the windows. So my 'leap' really was easy because so far I hadn't had any problems and the 'light' really wasn't a factor in what I was doing. What happens if tomorrow I find some streaks... well I'll drag out my supplies and wash them again. It will work out... one way or another - those windows will get cleaned... or I'll hang curtains over them! See - things will work out.

Speaking of a Leap of Faith... here's a picture of my granddaughter from this summer. Her first leap off a diving board... I can't believe her Mom was able to catch her in mid-air just as she had leaped off!

Scary and exciting all at the same time. Kinda like moving... and Life.


Gizmo said...

When life gives YOU scraps - you make a quilt. For some folks, they can only make a quilt with a pattern.

I cannot wait to see your quilt! :)

Teri said...

Catching a kid in a leap of faith moment is amazing! The look of sheer joy and amazement on their tiny faces is a thing of beauty.

It's kinda like the leap you're taking in moving. It's kind of exciting. New quilt shops to explore, new friends to meet, new places for old friends to visit.

You do know that we'll all be staying at your house for the Lancaster trip. Right! ;-0