Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seeking Inspiration…

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I easily talked myself into staying out and running errands for the afternoon.  Seems that when it’s hazy, hot and humid - getting in and out of the car isn’t that appealing.

After lunch I visited my MIL at rehab.  Even though she has gotten the cold my FIL had (a full time resident at the same facility) – she has been able to (knock on wood) not get quite as sick with it as he did.  They started her on cough meds right away and she is still having the breathing treatments for her lungs which I’m sure helps keep her ahead of this.  I sat while she finished her OT and waited while the nurse came by to visit her… then we headed outside to walk around a bit and go sit in the gardens.  Well I walked and pushed while she was along for the ride.  This facility is built on the top of a hill in the area and has a panoramic view of the communities and farmlands all around.  I took this picture with my ipod from the parking lot – so it’s not a great photo – but I think it gives a sample of the view.


When I left I just could not talk myself into going back home.  So I decided to just drive around the back roads and enjoy the countryside.

I still need some fabric for the Four Patch Swap blocks so I decided to visit Weavers Dry Goods over in the outskirts of Lititz.  They expanded their building this past spring and I hadn’t been over to see how it turned out.  It is very nice as they opened up the back and side of the building and added stairs leading to a lower level where their sale fabrics are kept.  I was looking around down there to start but another shopper answered her cell phone and I just couldn’t stand being around her while she talked too loudly about someone's doctor appointment.  And since I could hear her everywhere downstairs I headed back upstairs to shop.

Is it me or is there just not a lot of inspiring fabrics out there?  I had stopped out at Sauders Fabrics last week and had the same problem shopping… nothing is speaking to me… oh goodness – I hope I haven’t developed a case of fabric deafness.  I think I may need a trip up to Southampton Quilts… there is always fabric calling my name there!

Anyway between the 2 stores I found several combinations to use…

Four Patch pairs (1)Four Patch pairs (2)Four Patch pairs (3)

Maybe I can get these cut up this week and then I’ll sew as I have time over the next couple weeks and be done.  Since I need to mail my blocks in it makes sense to mail them in bulk. 

My other stop was at what I consider my Local Knit Shop – The Ball & Skein Shop in Brickerville.  I’ve taken a couple classes there and Edna – the owner – has bailed me out of a couple problems in the past.  I missed her Christmas in July sale last week – so I wasn’t planning on shopping for anything in particular - I was just killing time and looking for inspiration.  I did put my name on a waiting list for a shawl class she’s offering later this fall. 

Another beautiful day going on out there so I guess I best get going and try and get some gardening done.

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