Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life Beyond Reader…

By now anyone who used Google’s Reader program knows that it is kaput.

After a little bit of looking around I selected Feedly to use as my reader both on my PC based computer and my Apple iPod – and if and when I finally upgrade my ‘not as smart as it use to be 5 1/2 year old cell phone’ it will be installed there as well.

I have had someone ask about receiving the posts from Blogger via email… I didn’t know that was a possibility but after poking around I found a place in the Blogger Settings where I can add email addresses for those that wish to receive the postings that way…

So Gwen… I hope you get this via email… and I’m especially glad you choose to hang out here and listen to me ramble from time to time!  Thanks!

And to keep this post from being truly boring - here are a couple pictures of my 9 & 4 year old grand kids surfing recently.  Great pictures – I’m really proud of both of them  - they are even entering contests in the area.

Here they are ready to go out…

KnK surf

KnK surf 2

I had previously posted some pictures of my granddaughter surfing so here are some of the boy.  At 4 he’s getting pretty good with his balance…

Kai surf 5

Kai surf4


Keao surfing

Kai surf 3

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