Monday, July 29, 2013

I Wonder?

This morning as I started a small load of whites… I wondered just how many times I’d have to wash that same load of whites before I actually got them into the dryer… You see I originally threw them in the wash on Friday morning.  Saturday morning I realized that they were still in the washer.  So a little dash of bleach this time and a refresh cycle should do the trick right?  Except that I left the house that morning and then I never thought about laundry at all… so here on Monday morning I realize that the same small load of whites was still in the washer… I’m glad I added that little splash of bleach on Saturday – I’m sure that’s what kept the clothes from getting smelly.  This time I put soap, bleach and hot water to the task and washed them yet again!  And I’m happy to say they are now dry – and bright and sparkly too.  As annoying as those machine beepers are I do need the reminders… Apparently I just need to be inside the house for it to be effective.



Last Wednesday I went to the shops at Kitchen Kettle Village on the Old Philadelphia Pike in Intercourse, PA.  I was looking for a book as a gift and thought I might find it down there. I cruised in and out of many of the shops and only found a new purse to replace the one I’ve carried non stop for over two years – but nothing close to what I had in mind for a book.  Since I was there I wandered into the Lancaster Yarn Shop and ended up with some new yarn and the info for a Ravelry Pattern called Leftie (in that you would use up a lot of leftover yarn scraps).  They had a couple samples of the Leftie there and I was intrigued… I love this Kettle Dyed yarn (Tuscan Green) that they carry and the Zauberball will fill in for the leftovers I don’t have.


In chatting with the lady there she suggested I might find a book across the street at The Old Country Store.  I actually went upstairs to the Quilt Museum and found a book there.

All that to say on my way back across the street I fell… now in my defense it was the roads fault… LOL really!  Well that and the fact I should have been a little more careful.  There was traffic so I walked up the street waiting for a break.  When the lull came I didn’t look down to evaluate the surface I was stepping onto.  (Even though my knee has progressed well and I can walk with barely a hint of a limp and I can walk faster - I am usually very careful on uneven surfaces.)  I hadn’t expected the uneven surface I stepped onto.  So the first step was a bit off because of the ruts in the road from the buggy traffic - the next step wasn’t any better… and I think I must have taken another step because when I did fall I was in the middle of the road… very much doing the side stroke - I am positive I would have scored a 10!  I landed on my left hand and hip.  The bag I was carrying protected my hand from road rash but not completely from injury.  I have a sprain at the base of my thumb but my knee and hip are none the worse for wear.  The quick care place took x-rays and ruled out a break and gave me this to immobilize my thumb/wrist… I can move it but it does hurt. 

When I went into the ER I asked if this was the place I could pick up my sign?  The attendant looked at me and then smiled when I said “you know – my stupid sign”.

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swooze said...

I am sorry you got hurt. How long will you have to wait to use that new yarn now? L(