Friday, May 25, 2012


We’ve been very busy here at the Stone House getting ready for the grandkids to arrive… which may be as early as tomorrow – or when ever they can catch a military flight back to the mainland.

Last night after a busy day moping wood floors The Engineer and I decided a trip down to Boehringer’s Drive In was the perfect choice for dinner.  It’s a little hamburger – ice cream place set along the side of the road nestled in next to a shallow creek.  There are lots of tall trees and the picnic tables that spread out along the creek provide a view to watch the ducks and kids play alongside the creek.

As we sat at our table last night a mother from the table next to us called to her son (10 – 11 years old) who was down wading in the water. 

Mom: Don’t get your shorts wet.

Kid: What?

Mom: Don’t get your shorts wet!

Kid: What?

Mom: Don’t get your shorts wet.

Kid: What?

Mom: I Don’t want you to get your shorts WET!

Kid: What?

Mom:  You heard me…

I snickered to myself… and we continued our meal.

A little later the Mom called out again…

Mom:  Are you ready for your ice cream?

Kid: What?

Mom: Are you ready for your ice cream?!

Kid: What?

Mom: Do you want your ice cream now?

Kid: What?

I couldn’t help myself… I laughed right out loud!  I looked at her and said… “Apparently not”.

Mom to kid again: Get up here!

Kid: What?


I don’t know about any of you… but he wouldn’t have gotten an ice cream cone and I can guarantee that if I were his mom my shorts would have gotten wet chasing that little twit down the creek!! 


Anonymous said...

I agree. No ice cream. I would take it a step further. I would hire a sitter and leave him home next time I went ANYWHERE to eat and he would know why!

Have fun with the kid and kidz!

Anonymous said...


I bet you can guess who wrote that!

Greenmare said...

I am totally with you on that one!!!

smiledarlin said...

That's when you want a pea shooter...
I agree- NO ice cream from me...

Have fun with the GKids.

CindyB said...

My child answering with What would never happen. How can a mother let her child show that much lack of respect? It's not the child's fault and it won't be his child's fault and so it goes.