Thursday, May 3, 2012

My New Faucet!


What do you mean you don’t see the faucet?

Let me start at the beginning…

When we moved into The Stone House nearly 4 years ago I just couldn’t appreciate the special features of the existing faucet.  It had a removable handle… yeah… really… came right off in your hand every time you used it.  A bit of an inconvenience when you are spending so much time cleaning a new to us old house.  So The Engineer picked up a cheap kitchen faucet and I’ve made do these past several years.  My biggest gripe with that faucet was that it wasn’t tall and I use lots of tall pots. 

Last year I saw the Delta Faucet Touch2O advertised… and I LOVED it.  It would give me the height I want and the touch feature would turn running water on and off thereby saving water (shhh - I tend to be a water runner)… and water is expensive here so that is a key feature for us.

I ordered the faucet last week and The Engineer set about the business of installation the other day.  We had a large Stainless Steel sink with a small bowl on the left for the disposer.  The drain for the large bowl was showing some wear and needed to be replaced and I wanted the sink lifted and resealed to fix a leaky area – since all the stuff under the sink was removed already it seemed like the time to do it all.

Well… nothing is never as easy as it should be!  The Engineer is perfectly capable of doing the work… it is just that the equipment didn’t cooperate. 

The drain was indeed in sad shape but had apparently been GLUED in place and we couldn’t remove it.   So off we go to buy a new sink.

Fortunately Sad to say they didn’t have the same sink so we looked over the available styles and this cast iron one was our favorite – the large bowl is plenty big for my canning pot and (woohoo) deep too - and the small side is actually big enough to be useful.  But goodness gracious this guy is heavy!

The person who installed the old sink apparently cut the hole too big and that sink was sitting on just a quarter inch of counter all the way around… which explains why I had a hard time keeping it sealed.  Since this new sink is so much heavier we decided to add a little support underneath.  I’d really like a new counter… but that’s not happening any time soon… LOL

The plumbing will need to be reworked as the drains don’t line up with the previous drains… and the disposer needs to be switched to the other side – which means it needs to be rewired… oh and I need to call the fella that installed the water filter because that spigot needs to be moved as well.

It’s clear the old sink was installed by an idiot a not too handy handyman and not a plumber… This is exactly why Plumbers make so much money… they are worth it!

Hopefully today the plumbing will be finished up…Hopefully…


swooze said...

That sounds like how things are going here. I am saying "while we are at it" fa too often!

Anonymous said...

And, I can attest to the fact that this sink and faucet are a beautiful addition to the Old Stone House..

Good job, yous twos!