Monday, May 14, 2012

Mid May… Really?

Goodness where does the time go?

We lost a good 2 weeks around here being sick… not sick, sick – but whatever bug we had tapped out our energy and left us doing more sitting around than being truly productive.

We do have a deadline of sorts around here for getting projects done.  Our daughter and grandkids will be moving in with us in just a few weeks.  She is busy getting her house packed up in Hawaii… my SIL is out to sea and she figured it made sense to move here so that someone could help watch the kids we could enjoy our grandkids!  Although she has a great support group with the Navy community she lives in… when your spouse is gone and you have 3 little ones – there’s no place like home with Granny & Pops!

But here is just a sneak peek at what we are in for… the 10 month old is walking… well actually he’s running.  My daughter figures he started running as a means of staying ahead of falling down… and he just loves it!  Now he chases his older brother around… here they are in a sprinkler park the other day.  Yes… 10 months… he won’t be 1 until mid July!

Baby walking

But before he started walking he was climbing…

climb in3

And then he started climbing into his walker…

climb in 2backwards but in…

climb insometimes he’s just in… like a pretzel… which he thought was pretty funny.

My granddaughter had her first communion this past weekend… look at that sweet floral wreath on her!

1st Communion

We did get some work done in the garden.  The Engineer built another raised bed… I will move the strawberry plants over to that bed in the fall but in the mean time I’ll use it for other stuff over the summer. 

New Box

I need to order some more peat moss to mix with sand to finish filling that bed and to top off the others.  I also need to mix up my fertilizer mix and start planting soon.  I based my garden on the Mittleider Method that I stumbled upon several years ago.  I will also need to reset my sprinkler pipes in each bed… oh and I guess I need to make another for this new bed.

We The Engineer put in a wood edging all around the garden and I put down some new landscape fabric in the outer walkways – we’ve managed to chew up the edges with the mower over the past couple years – so this will keep that from happening.  I can’t wait to get tomatoes growing.

New Edging

Even with all these other projects going on The Engineer has been working on a new cabinet for the kitchen.  Where we now have a table that sits 4 we will have 4 1/2 feet of additional cabinets and a eating area that will sit 2. On the sitting side of the new cabinet will also be a can cupboard for all the overflow I don’t know what to do with.  The counter top – cherry butcher block – is in the background.  It sure was pretty once we put the mineral oil on it.  The 36” cabinet will have 2 – 20” deep pull out drawers and at this point he’s going to install just one pullout in the 18” cabinet with a drawer above.  I will get acres of new storage space and we will use the dining room more often… a win, win all around!



Finally got the sink finished up – water dispenser on the left – soap on the right – faucet and control in the middle – oh and please ignore all the stuff in the window.  That is the inherent problem with having such nice deep window ledges.  One thing that I do leave there is the vintage enamel dish drainer.  I use to set stuff up there to dry all the time anyway – so this makes good use of my drainer!  I just need to put stuff away once it’s dry… or at least before I take pictures - LOL.


The next couple weeks I have beds to move – cabinets to clean out and rearrange - move all the ‘baby latches’ back into locking position – put plug protectors back on outlets – rearrange the living room – set up a playroom area for the kids in the foyer – put a baby bed together – and, and, and… oh probably a dozen other things to get ready!

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SpinningStar said...

Wow - love those raised beds. I am already thinking about how to upgrade mine for next year. I already have tomatoes growing, but nothing is ripe yet. I enjoy watering the garden everyday and usually reward myself with a radish... of course I need to replant radish seeds.

Have lots of fun watching those grandkids. I bet they'll love the gardens.