Saturday, May 19, 2012

This and That…

We’ve been busy around The Stone House is week.

We got all the beds moved around to their new rooms… twin beds in pink room went up to the sewing room – double bed in blue room went over to pink room – day bed and trundle in sewing room went down to blue room – baby bed assembled in the pink room.  Yes we played musical beds!  We still need to move The Engineers desk out of the blue room and get a new office area set up for him – he works from home so it’s important he has his space.

My sewing room is a wreck – but the beds are put in place along the wall and The Engineer has helped me by putting in some heavy duty wire shelving in one area.  After everything else is done I will talk him into more shelves… until then it’s just going to be a wreck up there.

I spent some time today mixing my fertilizer up and working in the raised beds.  I pulled those (leftover from last year) onions out – they look like jumbo green onions.


I dug out the oregano plant and kept a few sections to replant.  Then I tried to tackle the sage… it was 3 years old and very woody.  It kills me to have to take it out because it’s a beautiful plant but I needed to raise the soil level in that bed so I pulled it out I asked The Engineer to dig it out for me.  I hate to waste all that beautiful sage so I brought a big bunch of it up to the house and it’s now hanging in the laundry room to dry. 


Sad to say but three times that amount went into the compost heap.

We backfilled 2 of the beds with sand and peat moss but I need to pick up some more peat moss on Monday to finish.  I’ll get these 2 beds mixed up some more tomorrow and get them watered down good.  There is no way I’d be doing any of this gardening if I was working with real soil / cow manure / or compost – it would be too darn heavy. 

I will be getting some of the water lines installed tomorrow and I need to get the fencing up in the bed for the running plants – maybe I can tackle that job myself.  I need to get plants in sometime in the next week or two.

Oh and speaking of fencing… I think I need to get the fencing up around the garden as well – I did see a red strawberry today but some critter had nibbled on it…

Along with all of this stuff going on around the house I've got an appointment with an orthopedic guy for my hand on Monday and I begin working again this week with my Chiropractor to strengthen my leg more.  I can almost walk normal as my limp is barely there but my quad in that leg is still very weak.

I need to go back to getting up at 5 am so I have enough time in my day…

Oh I almost forgot… I heard someone the other day on the Dr. Oz show mention using zucchini like a pasta and so I tried it.  I used my potato peeler and sliced long strips from the zucchini and yellow squash I had.  The first time I cooked it I sautéed some onion, sundried tomato and marinated artichoke in olive oil then tossed in the ‘pasta’ for a few minutes.  YUM that was good (sorry but no pictures).  The second time I made it I heated some pasta sauce and meatballs and served that over the ‘pasta’.  Again YUM!

zucchini pasta

zuchinni pasta 2

The Engineer didn’t know it wasn’t real pasta the first time…


Greenmare said...

ooooo your gardening sounds fabulous!!! I have some of those jumbo green onions that came up too! and i bet your room smells so lovely with that sage in there. mmmmm

MH said...
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MH said...

love your garden and I'm so happy the kids are coming to you !