Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Is Cancelled...

I know many of you will be disappointed to learn about this.

You see I ordered new boots to keep my feet warm this winter without thought to the effect my purchasing winter gear has on the accumulation of snow.

Really! Some of the mildest winters in New England were directly tied to my purchasing in advance new snow pants, boots and coats for the kids.

By comparison - the years that they had nothing better than layers of jeans and sweat pants, multiple layers of socks and plastic bags stuffed into boots that were either too big or too small, and a miss match of gloves and mittens to keep frost bite at bay... Those were the epic winters of storm after storm where the totals were measured in feet rather than inches.

I know y'all will be heartbroken... Sorry!


smiledarlin said...

Thank You Thank You!

Nancy said...

Thanks Cheryl...I'll stop knitting this scarf so frantically!

Judy said...

Does that mean it's time to think about bathing suits?

Anonymous said...

That reminds me. I never did find my suit today so couldn't join the G-sons at the pool! I gotta go dig some more, in my moving "kultch."

Happy New Year, Cheryl. To you and all of yours.