Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolution…

Yes I’ve made one.

It’s one I’ve been Pondering over the past couple months.

You see I’ve done a bit of traveling over the past couple months and you know what has really stood out to me?  People really can’t drive and talk on the phone.  I know many think it’s no problem if you are using a hands free device.  But the fact is that it does effect your driving – even if you are using a bluetooth or speaker phone.  Each and every vehicle that I’ve passed that has a long line of vehicles stacked up behind it has a driver talking… they haven’t a clue what is going on around them.  There are many other clues – far too many to point out here – but the fact is people talk while they drive.

If you sat down in the dentist chair would you let the dentist come in and work on your teeth while yakking on his/her bluetooth?  How about the Radiologist reading your mammograms – can’t they do that and tell their friend about the party they attended last weekend?  Maybe the surgeon removing an appendix or a tumor… why can’t they make their travel arrangements for their next vacation?  If all of that is unacceptable – why do we think we can get into a large fast moving vehicle and then not give the operation of it our full attention?

So it’s official – no more chatting while I’m driving.  Nor will I talk with others who are driving… I’d rather you get where you are going and talk to you then. 

Let’s all pay attention to what we are doing while driving… someone’s life may very well depend on it.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

You hit the target I have been ranting about. I want to shove it their (you fill in the blank). Just what is so important and how much of note can you talk about constantly?

Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Cheryl. I get so annoyed too. And the texting is worse because they're constantly looking down. Oy!

smiledarlin said...

Mimi said the NTSB has a new report about the increase in the accident rate with the popularity of cell phone usage. ANY driver distraction is a hazard on the road, from phones, GPS, kids or food. What kills me is to see folks READING a book or newspaper? REALLY?
I'm with you- No more talking on my phone while driving.
(it's easier than giving up chocolate for my New Year's resolution)

Nancy said...

I rarely MAKE a call while driving but do ANSWER calls...from now on pull over or let it go to voice mail!! Thanks for the head slap Cheryl...we all need one from time to time.