Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Multiple Choice…

Here is a little quiz about what I’ve been up to…

  1. I love Mexican Food
  2. I also love smoked ribs
  3. I am snuggling my 6 mo. old grandson
  4. I am visiting family in Texas
  5. A cowboy bought my lunch last week
  6. All of the above

If you choose number 6 – you would be correct!

Last week I drove down to Texas.  My daughter (living in Hawaii) was coming into town for a conference and asked if I would come down and watch the baby for her… Well - DUH?!!!  I have family here in TX so it was a win-win for me and made it easier to sell the idea to The Engineer.  “Hey Honey – I’m gonna drive to TX to snuggle our grandson while his Momma is at a conference – and then I’m gonna stay and visit my family… is that OK?”  OK… Bye Bye!


My daughter and grandson have come and gone again – all too quickly but it was a delightful visit.  At 6 months he is just shy of a sumo wrestler…

Now that my ‘official duties’ have ended I’ll be spending several weeks hanging out with my folks, visiting (and sewing) with my sister, catching up with a couple friends in the area, and going to the retreat that Judy L from Patchwork Times is sponsoring later in February before heading back to PA via Kansas where I’ll stop and visit some more family.

During this time it is my intent to eat as much good Mexican Food as I can find… and BBQ too.  Because hey when you are in TX it’s the thing to do.


Oh and I needed to show you the ribs my BIL smoked over the weekend… Finger Licking Good!

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KASEYSMOM65 said...

Well I've been a little worried about you disappearing like you did, but it sounds like life is all good. Enjoy your family time and eat lots of good stuff! Poor Engineer at home working so hard......