Monday, October 4, 2010

October?? Already?

It seems like it was just yesterday I was listening to the annoying AC units wishing I could just throw open the windows and let fresh air in.  Now those units are off and what windows might be open are open only a tiny bit as it’s rather chilly out there.

We had quite a bit of rain last week and topped off with 7 inches one day.  The ground was already rather moist so it didn’t take too long for the ground water to push up in three places in our basement.  I wish I had taken a picture or video – there was a river flowing (really – making trickling noises and all) from where it was coming in - right into a floor drain in two spots and into the sump pump in the third. 

We have always (for the past 30 years anyway) put things up on pallets of some sort… a lesson we learned long ago when water came in a basement of a house we were renting.  We only had to clean that mess up once to know we didn’t want to do it again.  We also firmly believe in sump pumps… they only have to run once in their life times to make them worth the money and effort.

On Saturday The Engineer discovered the well pit had about 4 feet of water in it.  Good thing he had shut off the electrical supply to that earlier in the week when he was doing some wiring work.  Took several hours with a portable sump pump to clear it out – but no damage done to the equipment down there.  The well water is only used for the outside spigots.

On the quilting front - I did have a finish last week.  This is Star Whimsy from the Star Savvy - Laps From Fats book by Good Intentions.

The first picture is of several blocks before final assembly.  I pulled all my fabrics from the same line – but a couple of the lighter fabrics are a bit too light from a distance and especially with a flash.

stars 001

The colors are very washed out in this picture… seems the lights here are too bright.

Star Savvy 002

This is my first finish towards a PHD at Southampton QuiltsQuilt University.

I am currently working on a BOM for a shop sample so this should qualify under my ‘Work Study – Coop Program’.  I’ll have some pictures and details later on it.  Blues and Browns… uuummm pretty!

Oh and a cute fusible applique wall quilt… more details to follow on that.

Now I need to go clean my house… it so needs to be done.  I also need to either cook or throw away those tomatoes… somebody please make them stop! 

I think the next nice day I’ll go out and pull the plants up out of the ground – that will do it!

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