Thursday, October 7, 2010


morning 001

This is what it looked like a little before 7:00 AM here today.  No this is not what I woke up to… it was still very dark when I got up (and stayed up) today at 4:20 AM.  Since being sick I haven’t stayed up after making coffee, setting up breakfast, and packing a lunch for The Engineer so he can head out the door by 5:30.  I’ve gone back to bed and gotten up closer to 6:30… when the dog decides she’s waited long enough to eat and makes me get up.

I was upstairs sewing when the person on the local radio mentioned that it was a pretty sunrise and everyone should go look.  So I did… and I’m sharing it with you.

Oh yeah and this…  I’m heading up next week to MA to work at Southampton Quilts during the Massachusetts Shop Hop.  They have a 50’s theme this year… so I was thinking about making a circle skirt to wear.  I found some cute 50’s housewife-ish floral fabric – figured I could cut it up and use it in a quilt when I was done.  But before using the good stuff – I wanted to try a sample out.  Pulled out another floral I had – made up the skirt – put elastic in the waist – put a turned under hem on it. 

Really cute skirt… except that when you put a circle skirt on someone who’s short and a little ‘roundish’… well…

Think clown cars, trapeze swings, and fishnet clad ladies riding galloping horses in circles… all I need is some rope and wooden stakes to anchor it down.

I’m thinking a trip to Christopher & Banks is in my future… I still have a gift certificate!


KASEYSMOM65 said...

I am on the floor laughing at you! I borrowed a "poodle skirt" for next week but got so many horrified looks when I showed it off at the shop that it's back in plastic. Plan B - saddle shoes. Can't wait to see you at The Hop!

Barbara said...

As I read Cheryl's "ponderings" today and got to the bottom and saw 1 comment........I just knew it would be The Professor's ! Come on Beth, wear the skirt and the shoes. You can do it !

Judy said...

Barbara, you didn't see the skirt.
Beth should stick with Plan B...the very cute apron Louise made for all of them to wear. You are going to love your apron Cheryl!
I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

Nancy said...

Since I'm very much a part of the shop hop...the skirt (Beth's)is out (OMG)but the saddle shoes (jealous)are most definately in!

Can't wait to see you to a family wedding tomorrow 10.10.10

Greenmare said...

that would be me in a circle skirt too! wear some rolled up jeans, saddle shoes or white keds and an oversize mens white shirt and you'll look just like a bobby soxer!