Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Switching Things Up

For those of you who follow along via a ‘Reader’ of some sort – you won’t notice that I changed the layout and background a bit.  I’ve chosen a different Blogger layout and since it is Fall I’ve selected a fall background.  Not sure how long those leaves will last – my plan is to throw some quilt pictures into the background but I will have to take new pictures to make that happen properly.

I’ve also added a ‘Pages’ listing over on the side bar.  I have my University Class Projects List there… that is where I’ll track the projects I’m working on and their completion.  I’ll still yak about it in a blog post – but that will serve as a ‘one stop shopping’ place (for Miss Professor Beth) to track my progress.  There is also a link back to the most current Blog page… wouldn’t want you to get lost.

I did vacuum top to bottom yesterday… not that it much matters because the dog tracks dirt in all day long.

I cooked up the last batch of tomatoes yesterday and made tomato soup out of some of it for dinner and froze 2 quarts of sauce.  The leftover soup we’ll have tomorrow for dinner – tonight I’m making smoked sausage and cabbage.  The leftovers of that will end up in a soup… mmmm that is really good and all you need to do is add some chicken both.

I love it that it’s soup weather again… mmmm, mmmm, mm!

And just a little moment up on my soapbox…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the candidates who make false claims about themselves and their competition had to then make a commercial and state what they said that was wrong and apologize to the public.  When I was a kid I learned a valuable lesson when I lied to a friends mom when I told her that my mom said I could come over to their house after school.  After I got home - My mom made me call that friends mother and tell her I had lied to her and that I was sorry.  I never did that again.

Why doesn’t the ‘truth in advertising’ apply to political advertisement? 

I’d really like this candidate to run a write-in campaign…

Noneof Theabove

I think they would win.

I’m stepping down now…


KASEYSMOM65 said...

The Professor is quite pleased to have an easy "click" to check on your progress...nicely done! Are you trying to score a degree in web design too?? Your credit has been noted in my records for Star Whimsy....I better get crackin' myself. (and it was a "soup for supper" night up here as well...brrr)

Anonymous said...

Switch it up as much as you like. i love reading your blog and have fun with all you're doing.

Lori said...

I like the fall look! Will you come vacuum my dog? She's shedding clumps of that underfur--I have brushed and brushed. I may take her to the groomer, at least the edges will get trimmed even!