Wednesday, September 15, 2010

University Submission…

I have made my selections for this term at Quilt College at the University of Southampton.

I’ll be working simultaneously on both my PHD (Projects Half Done) and my MD (Mostly Done).

Quilt U 002

(MD) Swimmies Pattern by Lisa Boyer:  First up is the project that really does have a time line… it was due nearly 2 years ago when my grandson was born.  Now I don’t want to lead anyone astray… this top was finished long before my grandson was even conceived.  My daughter loved it and asked if I’d finish it for him.  Needless to say it’s still not quilted and needs to be finished and mailed before his 2nd birthday… he’s a turkey.  So I think I have enough time… if not it will be a Christmas gift!

Everything else is in no particular order…

Quilt U 004

(PHD) This is a kit I purchased at the Quilt Odyssey Show at Hershey this year.  Civil War Flying Geese by Calico Corner in Carlisle PA.  I don’t usually buy kits myself… but I could have walked away with every one of their Civil War line.  Pretty stuff!  Anyway – the geese won’t take long… and then I’ll have pomegranates to appliqué in the evenings.  At least that’s the plan… LOL  It’s also a wall hanging – so should be do-able.

Quilt U 001

(PHD) This is another find from the Hershey Show… Star Whimsy out of the Star Savvy Laps From Fats.  The quilt at the show in the booth was lovely… and they had sold out of all the books and kits.  I selected a Moda fabric line… but can’t remember off hand what it is… so I’ll have to tell ya later.  but the stars are looking lovely!  Everything for the stars are cut and bagged, and I’ve completed several stars.

Quilt U 003

(PHD) This is a Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) Mystery Quilt free pattern I started more than a year ago… I pinned that third row of pieces onto the block a long time ago – and there they sit.  So if nothing else I need to sew those seams so that I can get the pins out before they rust…

(PHD) I don’t have a picture yet of Heart Crazy by Buggy Barn Quilts.  This is my second Buggy Barn quilt… I hope I love it as much as my last.

That’s all I can think of right now - that I have pictures of… but I believe we can pick up extra classes projects as the term progresses.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


KASEYSMOM65 said...

The Professor accepts your submission and thinks they will be lovely projects to putter away on during your "free time"???? You're being much more reasonable shall we say than some of your fellow Freshman....not naming any names, but "50" projects appeared on a few "someone's" cards!!!!!

Barbara said...

Cheryl..............that's all? I have 11 PHD's and that's not counting the ones that aren't cut yet. And I know who a "few someone's" are...........well, at least two of them. I think.

smiledarlin said...

WOW you have some nice class projects there. I look forward to being home and sewing sometime with you.