Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutter Quilt Window

A few weeks ago when my youngest girl was here we found a local farm craft stand and I came home with this.

Frame Quilt Blocks 029

They had several - all put together in colors… red blocks, blue blocks, etc.

An interesting way to make use of old quilts that really have seen better days and discarded window sashings.

They had very loosely glued craft paper to the back which allowed me to take a peek… very interesting!  Let’s take a closer look at a couple of them.

Frame Quilt Blocks 024

The blocks are cut to fit on the frames on the back – too bad most of the blocks would fit better in square windows but we don’t have square windows do we?

Frame Quilt Blocks 016

This one is especially interesting – because this heart is cut from an old quilt and is stitched onto the back of an old quilt – which was only apparent to me once I looked at the back of this. 

Frame Quilt Blocks 017

You can see the faded colors of the original prints in the Dresden fan pieces.  You can see that the ‘heart’ was stitched onto the other side completely through the layers – which is what made me realize it was added on.  You’ve got to wonder who Velta Wood was…

Frame Quilt Blocks 015This one makes me wonder – was this a mistake in assembly?  Or was there some other design element going on in the quilt that isn’t apparently in just one block?

Frame Quilt Blocks 005

I also love the embroidery block… tattered binding and all.

On other subjects…

I am finally feeling human again… actually enjoyed a cup of coffee today.  Those antibiotics make me feel nauseous… and coffee just wasn’t happening for me.  I even had to ask The Engineer to clean the coffee pot the past couple days… yeah that bad.  Good news was that he was working late all week and I didn’t have to cook.  I just went out and got whatever my mind said would taste good. 

Now that I’m feeling better it’s time to get back in gear.  Let the cleaning begin…


Diane said...

thanks for sharing that cool window/quilt creation! Glad you're feeling better.

gailss11@gmail.com said...

Hey Cheryl, that really is a neat window and love it. Would look good in any house but would have a hard time cutting up even old quilts.
Glad to hear you are doing better and take care, Gail

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better, now you can get back to projects. You sure do find wonderful things when poking around those shops down there.

Mama Koch said...

Why didn't I buy that window pane at the flea market!?

Greenmare said...

glad you are feeling better! Those quilt/windows are awesome! I love that idea!