Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Pumpkin…

I know it’s Spring and not the usual time to be talking about pumpkins.

But I had a couple Fairy Tale pumpkins at the end of last summer that were doing all they could to finish growing… they were big in early November… but they were still very GREEN!

Fairy Tale Pumpkin 003

So this fella spent the winter sunning himself on the window ledge in my bedroom – at least on the days I remembered to open the shades… LOL.  Our bedroom stays in the mid 50’s… so it was an ideal keeping place for a winter squash.  What?  You think that is kinda cold… hey remember I’m a quilter so we are very toasty.  (Side note… those windows with the awful plastic – they are all but outta here – new windows will be installed early MAY… Yahooo!)  Anyway… this guy slowly but surly turned orange.

end of season pumpkin 002

Here he is waiting on the kitchen window for me to cook and puree him – which I finally did this Saturday.

last pumpkin 001

last pumpkin 002

last pumpkin 005

I cut and baked this one in the oven and got 15 cups of puree to put in the freezer.

I also had a little smaller pumpkin that had spent the winter in the kitchen window… he ripened up and went to my sister a few weeks ago to meet the same fate.

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Judy said...

I am going to my freezer right now to take out some pumpkin puree! It looks delicious......hmm, pie or bread??? or both?!