Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Wall 4-19

It does feel good to have these blocks done… which means about half of this project is complete – the easy half… LOL

design wall 4-19 003

I’m now working on the applique pieces… just 4 little curves on the edges – very easy stitching – there’s just a lot of them – or so it seems. 

In this picture of my design wall – please ignore all the boxes in the background… the short story is that all the boxes that were in the attic storage room are in my studio now.  Uuuuugh!  As we drug them all out yesterday – we both decided that we were not going to put ‘junk’ back in there – so there’s going to be more sorting going on than sewing for a while.

Check out what’s on others design walls over at Judy L’s Patchwork Times.


Vivian said...

Is the large applique block to the right also for the Peas in a Pod quilt? It looks good with them -- could be a center medallion.

Love the progress on this one, you really see it when they're all up on the wall together. Thank god for design walls!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great blocks! It will be fun to see how this project comes together!

smiledarlin said...

That's why it's called Spring Cleaning... sorting thru STUFF!!! I too will be doing that.

The quilt is coming along nicely.