Saturday, April 10, 2010

Challenging Myself…

Do you do that?

Do you challenge yourself to step outside the box?

Do something out of the ordinary?

Do something you wouldn’t normally consider?

Be bold?

Do something you probably find a little uncomfortable?

a challenge 001

I couldn’t be bothered the other morning matching up little footies by color… it’s only on the bottom… so I went for it and grabbed the first two I came across in the sock drawer.

Yeah… I know… I’m living right there on the edge. 


Gizmo said...

Thank you for blazing a trail for us "boxers". ;)

smiledarlin said...

Good thing is you have another pair EXACTLY like that one... so 2 for 1.

Anonymous said...

Your a woman gone wild !!!

I wish I could step out with ya, but all my socks are the same !!