Monday, September 15, 2008

The More Things Change...

There has been a little bit more than 365 days of change since I began this blog on September 10, 2007.  So in no particular order... here is a look at some of those changes.

Then: I was living in Massachusetts... Now: I live in Pennsylvania.



Then: I was living in a wood frame house that was about 75 years old... Now: I am living in a Stone House that is 152 years old.



Then: After living with us for several months whileMark Navy Grad 046 attending a graduate program my daughter and granddaughter had left to go live in San Diego... Now: After visiting with us for a couple months they have left to go to Hawaii to live.

Then: Our son-in-law was a sailor in the Navy... Now: he is an officer in the Navy.




Stone House 277Then: I had a shed full of vintage sewing machines that needed to be packed up... Now: My basement is full of those boxes.

Then: I was working at a quilt shop but had only a little time to sew... Now:  I live very close to several Lancaster Co. quilt shops but still don't have any time to sew.

Then:  I was living the last few days in the house we'd had for 16 years... Now:  I'm at the beginning of what should be many, many years here at the Stone House.

Then:  I was living in a house full of boxes that we had packed preparing to move... Now: I am living in a house full of boxes that are waiting to be unpacked.

Then:  I spent my free time with a paint brush in my hand... Now:  I spend my free time with a paint brush in my hand.

Then: I was painting over colors I liked with colors I didn't like... Now: I'm painting over colors I don't like with colors I like.

Then: I painted myself out of a shower in the old house... Now: I've also painted myself out of a shower as we've fixed and primed and painted the walls surrounding the tub here.

Then: I had people in and out of my house getting it fixed up to put it on the market so I could move out of it... Now: I have people in and out of my house getting it fixed up so that I can live in it.

I have enjoyed Pondering out loud here... I had hoped it would help me keep my sanity... but that was silly of me to even consider that a possibility.


smiledarlin said...

Then- you were FAR away from me. NOW You are close!
That is the best one!!!

noble pig said...

That is a lot of change but change is often good!

Anonymous said...

Oh man......I have all of that to look forward to, next spring. Since "talk like a pirate" day is coming right up, all I can say is, "AAARRRRrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!"


Mama Koch said...

Just remember to breathe once in awhile!

terificreations said...

Man, I can't wait to see this place in's pretty!


Bon said...

Then: I would get to see you when I came to MA.
Now: You are too far away to see.

It's sad. I'm glad you like your "new" old house though.