Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rambling today...

The girls have been sick and The Engineer has been traveling... so that means I get to tend to all their many smelly needs!

I haven't slept 2 full hours in a row for days and days now!  I AM SO TIRED!  They both seem to be having stomach issues so when they whine... I've got to respond - quickly!  I am to the point where I can hear when they roll over in their beds in the middle of the night.

I'd love to just tie them up out back and leave them there... but they'd be noisy about it I'm sure.  Uumm... you do know I'm talking about the dogs right?  LOL

Anyway - one had surgery on her leg a couple weeks ago and after demonstrating her interest in suture removal... she now has quite the sporty collar to wear.  She was rather annoyed that I was taking her picture and refused to smile...  And the collar in this picture is the one I had at home - the vet gave her a new one about 4 inches longer after she removed her stitches while wearing this one.  IMG00108The stitches were replaced with 14 Bright and Shiny staples - but I don't think she was impressed with the 'bling factor'.  She will be happy when this accessory is history.

Another trip to the vet today to make sure I'm not mistreating them by not feeding them for a day - and I'm not - she actually recommended not feeding them again today.  That will fix them for making me get up a bazillion times over the past couple nights!  They also are on some meds that will help resolve their problems.  I was concerned that this one had a problem related to the surgery... and I was feeling bad holding off on her pain meds which have to be taken with food. 

I'll be glad when this adventure is over.  See that blue bedspread on the floor by her?  There are no less than 4 blankets laying around covering various parts of the carpet in this townhouse... it's much easier to wash them than to clean the carpet. 

And the house... it is so in limbo - even after The Engineer stated to the real estate agents that this would be resolved by Wednesday... uuumm that would be today?  Yeah... Limbo.  I'm just too tired to care right now.  I'll be working on a list of houses to go visit this weekend... Yippee!  (I'm sorry if that didn't come off quite as sarcastic as I had intended - you could read it again and add just the right tone if you'd like.)

The girls are much quieter now - maybe that means they'll sleep through the night - and that would mean me too!


smiledarlin said...

this is thurs morning and I hope you got some sleep last night...
Hope the girls are better also....

Anonymous said...

Can you hardly wait til the end of July???? In Maine???? Oh, and I hope you know that the "girls" are welcome, again. (bring corks if they haven't improved by then...) (and I have earplugs for you)