Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do you suppose they get grass in their nose?

With the girls (our 2 dogs) being sick recently I've had to pay closer attention to who does what, where, and when.  I know - what fun I have!

After watching closely for a few days... I want to know... do they get blades of grass up their noses when they push their faces into the grass and sniff around? 

Really - wouldn't it tickle and make you snort or something? 

They are feeling better since my last post and I have been able to get a full nights sleep for the past 3 nights too!  This episode with them has made me glad I'm in my Granny age instead of my Mommy age... I'm not cut out for sleep depravation anymore.

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noble pig said...

What a great site you have. Thanks for coming by my place and leading me here!

Glad to meet you!