Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mmmmm - the smell of Bacon!

Isn't it wonderful - first thing in the morning... that wonderful 'flavor smell' of bacon cooking wafting around. I say 'flavor smell' because it's one of those smells you can actually almost taste...

Too bad it comes from the lady next door... she loves bacon. I know this because she cooks it a couple times a week. And each and every day I look at my pitiful bowl of cereal... and it seems just a little lacking. Oh well...

Busy day today... we need to meet with the realtor and go over the home inspection details - pretty good overall but some safety issues that do need to be addressed. We need to have further inspections to fish out cost details of electrical and plumbing work as well as have a slate roofer come out to estimate a little bit of work that needs to be done. So over all the house is in great shape - she just need a bit of updating. Hopefully we can come to an agreement after we get all the cost details figured up.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh did you see my calendar over in my side bar? I made that in EQ6... Not perfect but I think it came out OK. I'm gonna try and make one for each month to plop over there. I have used a calendar from Piecepatcher on my computer desktop for years. But I've always wanted to try one for myself... so here it is - a little plain and simple but it's a place to start. Make sure you go over and check out the archives at Piecepatcher - she's got some lovely, lovely calendars to inspire you.

How about you - do you EQ?


Anonymous said...

I don't eq. I draft...probably if I eq'd I wouldn't have to redo those pieces...oh well.


PS love the calendar!!!

smiledarlin said...

Nothin' burps better than bacon!!

Good luck with the house details...

I have always loved your quilt calendars.