Friday, March 7, 2008

Geese fly at 2 in the morning... and other things.

Did you know that Geese fly at 2 AM? Indeed they do... I found out last night as I lay there - waiting for sleep to gather me up and snuggle me off. Nope -there was no gathering or snuggling - or sleeping to be had until well after 2 AM. Just the soft and gentle honking overhead off in the distance.

The Engineer and I had headed off to bed just after 10... watched a little TV... and I really thought I was just on the edge. He fell asleep... but me - no. I laid there and thought. Mostly about the houses we had driven past earlier in the day. If I thought I could have gotten up and claimed my computer from the living room without waking the dogs... I could have caught up on computer stuff.

The house hunt is moving along. Yesterday I discovered that the house we were comparing everything else to has been sold. We called it the Dr.'s house as that was how it was described in the ad - apparently used as his office. We both loved the features in the house but it needed some major work. Overall it was in good shape - really good shape - but needed some slate roof work, asbestos insulation removal, had some plumbing issues that needed fixing, and the work that had been started in the bathroom... well - we would have gutted it and started over. Otherwise it needed painting and the floors done. The most important feature was the 20 x 30 addition which gave 2 levels of open floor space. Basement level for The Engineer and upper level for me... probably way more room in a house than we needed. But it would have been nice.

Anyhoo... we still have two properties on our list of possibilities that we have visited. One we call the Amish house as an Amish family had lived there. The other we call Disney Land as it has the garage I described in my previous post. Funny thing was that after my comments on wanting a kitchen a bit bigger than I had in my last home... the kitchen in Disney Land was about 2/3's the size. No place for a full size refrigerator without knocking out a wall. If it weren't for the fact that the house is small - this place would be a quick buy. I had really thought The Engineer would have signed papers before we left - the garage was that nice. But we left to ponder it. And you know what his comment was the next day? He said that because it was small and the area I would use for my quilting studio was on the upper floor, had a sloping roof and tiny windows - he didn't think I would be happy up there for very long because it's very dark with the tiny windows. How nice is that... he'd give up Disney Land because I wouldn't get what I needed there. He knows I love daylight! What a guy! It's not completely out of the mix... it has a nice price and with some updating it could be a nice resale in a couple of years.

There are 5 places we want to look at this weekend... a couple houses I call a Joined Twin. A twin is like what I've always known as a duplex - anyway some of these have been joined to make one larger house. One is listed as built in 1890's - I suspect they both are of that era. There are two new houses (yeah built in the past year) - one freestanding on a corner lot and the other in a new development but it's a modern twin. The last house - the one we are very excited about seeing is an old large Colonial Sandstone - 1856! I think this one may be the one to beat! LOL

I've got to catch up on house cleaning today as I've done nothing this week except look at houses on the computer - I think I can safely say I've seen EVERYTHING AVAILABLE in the areas we are looking for in our price range. Although I did find a nice home with an indoor heated pool... for only 750 thousand... LOL - just a tad outta our reach! But it was pretty!

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Bon said...

Hope one of those houses pans out. Happy House Hunting this weekend.