Monday, March 10, 2008

How Many?

I wonder... How many people have walked through this doorway, looked out these windows?
Let me be a little more specific... In the 152 years this house has stood - how many people have walked through this doorway?
I wonder about those kinda things when pondering vintage items. This is the front entry of a lovely Sandstone house we are looking at for our next home...
I can't help but wonder... and ponder about their lives...


smiledarlin said...

I love that effect on the pic!
Makes ya wonder- how many soldiers passed thru that door over the years?
How many newly weds were carried over the threshold?
How many new mothers with there new babies?

Things that make you go hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Check out the library, Cheryl. There might have been a history written about the house, years ago, that the present owners never thought to look for. You could comb the area for old neighbors, also.

I love historical ponderings, also.

I also love what you did with the picture of the front of the house. It would be an awesome "We bought this house!" announcement card. Yup. Just another thing to do, to add to your list. LOL