Monday, February 18, 2008

Me, Myself, and I...

You know just who I am talking about...

I talk to Myself all the time... and it's usually all about Me.

I had a rather funny and disturbing conversation with Myself just the other day that I thought would be fun to share... sure made Me laugh.

I was sitting here pondering some recent weight gain and the need to get Myself out and get Me more better some exercise. My husband and I rent a townhouse that is surrounded by a golf course... so there is easy access to nice trails.

I thought to Myself that I needed to go walking everyday... maybe even try and get Myself out before lunch for a quick walk and again later when it's time for Me to pick up the mail. Now this is the funny part. I then thought to Myself - "hey I could even run for part of the trip if I get Myself a pair of running sneaks - it would be good for Me". Now this 'thought' I just had really makes Me laugh out loud because I haven't run anywhere in forever... like not since I was a child. OK maybe I chased my granddaughter around a bit... but she was 3 years old - it didn't wear Me out at all much.

After laughing at Myself for such a silly thought - I couldn't help but still believe I did run... I remember running... vaguely... where was it I ran? I vaguely remember running around our neighborhood in MA... I can almost see Me doing it. But that can't be true - although I 'remember it' I'm pretty sure I would never drag Myself outta my house to do such a thing. But it all seemed so real to Me...

For crying out loud... was that a dream I was remembering? Could a dream have felt that real to Me that I could have convinced Myself that I actually could haul my butt around the neighborhood - running? Me? Ha -Not likely!

I then had one of those moments where I questioned the sanity of Myself... I couldn't for the life of Me figure out why it seemed so real... yet wasn't.

There is only one question that Me, Myself and I would like the answer to... if I dream of excercise - does it do Me any good? I could probably dream Myself skinny in no time if it did.

What do You think? I mean besides the fact that I need to find someone other than Me, Myself, and I to have a conversation with.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl!!!!! Can't you see the results yet?????? I've been walking, EVERYDAY, enough for the both of us!!!!! Man, do I have to triple up on it, for it to work for you too? Well, no can do.... This body is way older than yours. LOL

Oh, to let you know that it's never too late, my Aunt Harriet is 84 and walks 5 miles a day........ (I know. She's a sick puppy.....)

xxoo Sweetie,

Dawn-Marie said...

Well I can't help you on that one. I am more likely to dream of eating chocolate than of exercise. So the question for me is if I dream of eating chocolate am I going to gain weight.

smiledarlin said...

1st off:
I think that chick you are talking to is crazy!
2nd I remember you chasing me when I was little- so that was running...
3rd believe it or not- they are using dream therapy to help people lose weight and cure other bad habits- gambling & smoking and such.
So don't stress yourself out trying to run now... just take the dogs for a walk. They will love you for it! So will you!