Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'd like to order an extra 12 hours please...

OK - now I really should have known better... but it all started out innocent enough.

A couple facts.

My Engineer Husband travels on occasion.

He's not into a lot of series TV but he likes movies - especially old western or war movies.

Renting movies at a hotel is expensive - and my husband is fairly frugal - so that's not gonna work well for him.

So we recently put our thinking caps on... put out the fires - and then pondered some more!

We have Netflix - and have recently learned that they have a "Watch Instantly" program where you can watch from a selection of movies for free on the computer - and there are a lot of older movies available. So this is an option - but you do have to have a decent connection - so that may not always work if the hotel doesn't have free Internet service.

Thanks to our daughter who is an iTunes wiz - we recently learned that you can download rentals ($2.99 & $3.99) from iTunes - you have 30 days to start the movie and 24 hours to finish watching once you start the movie. So with some advanced planning on his part this might work out well for my husband.

I've got some limited experience with iTunes - started an account and downloaded some Holiday tunes this past December. I don't have an iPod - I just use it on my computer or drop it to a CD for my car or DVD player here at the house. My son gave me a $50 gift certificate - but until this weekend I hadn't even redeemed it.

I suggested to the kids that an iTunes gift certificate would be a good thing for their fathers birthday - seeing as he really doesn't need anything else.

On Sunday he was asking me questions about how to do this, that, or the other thing - so I had to go to iTunes and poke around - redeem my certificate, read the help menu on downloading movies, etc. What? Didn't you see the "HELP DESK" sign over my little spot on the couch? Of course I know all this stuff... or at least know where to look... and don't mind reading the 'help files' to learn something.

Anyhoo... so there I was being a good Domestic Diva/Helpful Housewife kinda gal when the Engineer asked me about PodCasts. Well - I kinda know what they are but not so much that I can 'splain it and sound intelligent all at the same time. I'd never poked on one and watched it - but I know they are suppose to be little videos or just audio clips. Anyway - there I was wanting to improve my knowledge base so I poked on the Podcast folder... and poked on some different catagories... and - well - you do know that this stuff is free... they have Grammar Girl podcast... she'd probably freak out the way I slaughter the english language... especially the way I leave sentences hanging out there unfinished with these 3 periods... I downloaded all of those Podcasts.

And there is Yoga, and a slew of National Geographic stuff, some cool NASA stuff that my sister is gonna hate me for when I show her, and some of this and more of that... and well... now I need another 9 hours of time to listen/watch the free Podcast stuff I downloaded on Sunday. And if I'm gonna order an extra 9 hours to my day I may as well bump it up to 12 and get a few more ZZzzzz's in while I'm at it.

Does anyone know where the button is to poke to order extra hours? There's gotta be one around the Internet somewhere... but I'm way outta time to go looking.


tracey said...

easy fix...get on dial-up. you'll *never* have this problem. EVER. just ask me how i know. ;o)

from she-who-has-never-heard-a-podcast-or-you-tubed-before.

After a cup of coffee said...

I need some extra hours so I can finish visiting everyone in the bloggy move! Thanks for joining in :)

Gizmo said...

You might want to check with the help desk about those extra hours....I hear they've moved it to your couch. ;) LOL
When you find where to get those hours, let me know! I want some too. :)

smiledarlin said...

First you needed a swift kick in the rear to get going.............
and NOW you want more time?????????
What has happened to you? LOL

Just close the lid and walk away!!!

I will be home soon and help you get back on schedule!