Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey Lucy! I'm Home!

We are moved... not all unpacked but we are moved in and fairly well settled.

The actual move onthe 22nd went very smoothly... my brother-in-law is a 'moving machine'! I think we all just decided to stay out of his way so as not to get rund over... (I'm pretty sure rund is a word - at least in the southern part of the country...)

The dogs were again concerned about being left behind and quite happy to go wait in the car while we packed and unpacked the uhaul truck. (Note to self... a 17 foot truck isn't really all that big.) We filled the truck at the apartment - unloaded at the townhouse and then nearly filled it again at the storage unit.

My focus was to get the kitchen unpacked... which was fun and hard. I had a small kitchen at the house and here I have way more than double the floor space, counter top, cabinets and drawers. I actually have some cabinet space and shelves that are empty! I've already made it known that a big kitchen is a must have when we buy a new house. My daughter needed to be able to cook Christmas dinner for us - so getting the kitchen set up was a priority.

Since we had 2 of our kids coming in on Christmas eve we also needed to have beds for them to sleep on... so those were set up and made up. That was about as fancy as those rooms got... one room will be my sewing room so it was full of bins of fabric and the other will be a guest room so it just held some overflow boxes to be unpacked.

I've still got to unpack some bins of stuff that came out of the bathrooms at the house - although I may just better organize those bins and store them that way.

My sewing room is about half way organied - the closet is full and I'm using bins of fabric as a base for my large ironing surface. I'll be using my SewEzi table while we live here and will most likely set that so I can look out the window and take advantage of the light. I hope to finish that later today as well as get an area organized for my computer and printer.

We had a really good Christmas. The kids came in on the 24th. We visited with my in-laws on the 25th and my daughter made a wonderfully delicious brined turkey dinner with cornbread stuffing and HOMEMADE green bean casserole. MMMmmmm MMmmmm Mmm! Good stuff!

I'll have to tell you later about my favorite - read that FAVORITE gift this year from my husband! I love the gifts from the kids too - they were all nicely thought out and I'll enjoy using all of them!

Although we did have an appointment for installation on the 29th - I don't yet have real internet access, TV service, or a phone... that is also a story for another time. Lets just say... 'the network' must be on vacation... STILL!

I've got very limited internet access courtesy of a neighbor who doesn't have their wireless locked... yep I'm a thief... but it's kinda like stealing a head of limp wilted lettuce.

So I'm gonna post this and get outta here before my connection evaporates... I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Rick said...

Moving is hell. Beautiful quilts - some day I'm going to learn how to do that.

I'm having a little give-away over on my blog. No gimicks, just fun. It's my way of celebrating the anniversary of my blog.

Bon said...

So glad to hear you are getting settled. I've missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you've roosted !

your Christmas dinner sounds yummy . We had green bean casarole too, along with a few other things.

I can't wait to hear what you got from your hubby .

LUV Mary

Gizmo said...
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Gizmo said...

Glad to see this part is over for you guys.
Well, what did he get you??
Can't wait to see you again, sure do miss ya.

The Rural Wife said...

I had the same experience with my new big kitchen. But I soon found things to fill up the cabinets! lol

Glad you are getting settled and posting again, even if it was stolen wireless. lol

Anonymous said...

Whew!!!!! It's been a long haul, hasn't it??!!

Let me know what your new email address is. (and your hard address also?)

Good to see you back. Even if it is "stolen" time... LOL