Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What was I going to say? No??

Remember my confession to being a technology junkie? Well the GPS was just a part of the upgrade.
The Man about the house needed to upgrade his cell phone. He was using an ancient Nokia that had been cast off by his more tech savvy daughters many, many phones ago. The problem with him getting a fancy phone years ago (besides being frugal and all) was that he worked for an aerospace company and you couldn't have a phone with a camera in it - security issues and all that. He also has been a long time user of a Palm PDA to keep his schedule for work and phone info, etc. When he changed jobs in 2006 it was to another aerospace company... Same security issues. Now the old Nokia was starting to show it's age... Not to worry - we had another of those old phones from the original purchase... So we just moved the SIM card and he was back in business. Our girls change phones much more than I'd like to see happen - but we have used it to our advantage more than once!
Since he started his new job in Dec and it isn't in the aerospace field he could finally upgrade his phone. This would be his work phone and so needed to have all the features he needed for work and travel. After a fair amount of research - remember he's an engineer... It's what he does - he decided to look at the BlackBerry's. So off we went to the Mall with his research in hand. We went into the T-Mobile store - looked at the different models, talked with the sales rep about features, went away and pondered as we walked the mall. We went back and he selected th BB Curve... Then he looked at me and asked if I wanted one too?
Now up to this point we hadn't discussed me... And I gotta tell you - I am not silly enough to pass on a BlackBerry Smart Phone! So I said "sure that sounds good" all nonchalant like - all the while I am doing a happy dance in my head and shouting "WooHoo!" Because I am just lame like that.
There is a fair amount to learn with these phones because they do so much cool stuff - but I am enjoying every minute of this little bit of extravagant living! Only down side I see so far... I need a bigger purse. My little purse won't hold all this technology... Now I have to go shopping.
This post was brought to you from my BB - typed one letter at a time - using only my thumbs - just because I can.


Dawn-Marie said...

Wow that is an impressive post coming from a little phone. Enjoy the new phone.


Bon said...

You are just too funny.

I'm heading to your old stomping grounds Friday. Too bad you won't be there. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Too, Too cool! You are amazing!

For my technology, I have researched my butt off (well, YES! I still have some left.... :-( ) and have decided on a Garmin nuvi 250. Believe it or not, it is more high tech than the one I was going to get, which was the nuvi 200. The 250 has way more maps, for a few dollars more and is upgradable.

Have fun wearing out your thumbs!

Anonymous said...

Well, I researched some more and ended up getting a Garmin nuvi 260, instead of the 250. It has one feature more--text to speech. Didn't think I'd mind hearing what I'm looking for......

MMmmmmmmm, almost ready for our trip!

Thanks, again, for all the info, Cheryl. I appreciate it.