Thursday, January 10, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing? Say it ain't so...

As a quilter we dream of fabric... lots of fabric... lots and lots of fabric!

But this is one shop where I think a good thing has gone astray.
We visited this little place the other week... my sister is pondering the possibilities... the floor to ceiling possibilities!

I found it actually kinda scary... I can't believe it would be safe to be in there with folks trying to get a bolt out of it's very snug location. Who would have thought you'd need an avalanche early warning system in a quilt shop.
This is the first quilt shop I can say I was happy to leave.


smiledarlin said...

But I saw a bolt I need... it's RIGHT there>>> no wait it's up there ^^^^
You need a hard hat to shop there, and a rescue dog!

But if they move to a bigger location-I AM THERE!

Ruthie said...

Was it by any chance The Treadle in Bloomington, IL? If not, there is a sister shop.

Howdy said...

No Ruthie - it's a shop in Lancaster County, PA. Hard to believe that there is another shop out there... LOL!

Teri said...

I guess that's one place I won't be suggesting to the guild for our annual trek to Lancaster! That would be dangerous!