Monday, December 30, 2013

A Techie Holiday

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

The Engineer and I took a road trip up to Massachusetts for Christmas.

Christmas 2013

We enjoyed our visit and had a very nice Christmas celebration. 

I must say that Santa was very good to me… I received a new iPhone 5s to replace my antique Blackberry Curve.  I say antique because in tech terms a phone that has been well used (and loved) for just a few days shy of 6 years is antique.  I have been perfectly content with that phone all these years but recently it has been showing it’s age.  The lights under the keyboard had begun to flicker on occasion, the camera stopped working a couple months ago and the roller ball has been temperamental more and more these days.

Vintage BB

For months we’ve been discussing what to get for replacement phones – it’s a big decision because we don’t change phones often or easily.  Although we have loved this phone we have not been happy with what we’ve seen come out of Blackberry over the past couple years.  I knew that Apple usually introduces a new phone in the fall so we waited to see what new features the next generation of phones would bring.  We were quite happy to see the addition of a fingerprint scanner as part of the phones security.  We had also considered the Samsung Galaxy 4 but in the end  decided that they are larger than we wanted to handle.

I think we will be happy with the iPhones and expect to get many years of service out of them.  We added the LifeProof Nuud cases to protect Santa’s investment.  Our daughter in SC has used a Lifeproof Case on her phones for many years.  It has survived many a sandy trip to the beach, babies drooling on it, and toddlers dropping it.  I have no plans to hand my phone off to any kids but I won’t have to worry about touching it with wet hands while in the kitchen, taking it along while gardening or shoveling snow, and I can drop it and not worry.  The LifeProof case it is water, dirt, snow and shock proof.

My other Techie gift was a Fit-Bit Force fitness tracker.  I almost got myself a Flex earlier this summer but decided to wait and do more research and ask Santa for it.  I’m glad I waited as the Force seems to be a bit of an upgrade from the Flex.  This ought to help me out with my “Word” for the New Year… Move!

Last but not least is a new case for my laptop – it’s a knitting bag with a padded laptop sleeve!  Nifty!

I hope Santa was good to you this year!

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