Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Ain’t Perfect…

I recently came across an old quilt top being used in a booth at an outdoor Antique Market as a table cover.  When I moved a couple items to look at it the guy offered it at $20.  I kinda hemmed and hawed about it and started to leave when he knocked it down to $15.  Since we had just arrived I told him we would look around a bit and be back before leaving to decide.

We did go back and I did pick it up… it has a 3 x 6 block center section of Improved 9-patch blocks, a red border, a round of traditional 9-patch blocks alternating with a plain muslin block, a round of log cabin blocks, another red border, followed by another round of 9 patches and plain print fabric blocks ending with an outside border of plain muslin.


It is hand pieced and as I was looking at it I discovered that the maker was intent on using up what ever scraps she had available to her.  I easily found several blocks that had pieced pieces in them.  This black section to a log cabin block caught my attention first as I was looking at the hand stitching on the back.


A couple of alternate squares in the outer 9 patch row.


It is clear that this yellow with blue grid fabric that was used as the center of the log cabin is coming apart badly in nearly all the blocks.  I would like to find a replacement for that.


Here is a quick EQ drawing of the quilt that measures approx. 77” x 95”.  I had a hard time making things work in EQ because the maker of this quilt just made things fit where she needed them to…

Improved 9-patch 

and if she couldn’t make a whole block fit… she put in a partial.  See the yellow nine patch with the tan 9 patch to it’s right with the abbreviated plain block between them… yeah that how she made it all work in all 4 corners.


Our lesson here is that life isn’t perfect – we just need to find a way to make it work!

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