Thursday, September 12, 2013

Country Roads…

I love driving around this time of year… well – I love driving around any time of year really.

This year the field corn (feed corn) has done especially well with all the rain we’ve had and the moderate temperatures.  I had noticed back in July that the corn seemed kind of tall… and it just kept growing and growing!  Then there was an article in the newspaper – they said that the corn was a good foot taller than usual and there was some discussion as to whether there was going to be enough places to store it all at harvest time.


They grow a lot of feed corn here in Lancaster County and when you drive down these country roads… it’s all you see… really… the corn blocks the view to just about everything else!

Anyway – this story isn’t about height of the feed corn…

As I was driving down one of the back roads the other day I could see one of the small local ‘plain’ schools – this one happened to be Mennonite as I could see the kids playing outside - the girls were all dressed in their calico dresses with their hair in braids and the boys in their dark pants and plaid shirts.  The neat thing about these schools is that the kids play at recess – all together in some sort of group game.

As I’m driving closer I can see that they are playing baseball.  About the time I note that I see all the kids on the field take about 3 giant steps backward… I don’t think you could have choreographed it any better as they seemed to all move at the same time.

I thought that a bit curious until I glanced at home plate.  Standing there preparing to bat was a kid a good foot taller than everyone else… she tossed her braids back across her shoulders, brought the bat into position and took her stance!

It would have been a disruption for me to try and stop to watch… but I sure got a good laugh.  I bet she nailed it…


Lori said...

I can "see" exactly what you're describing.

Yes, the corn is tall here too this year. We're hoping for a good crop.

Rebecca said...

Well written...that was enjoyable to read.