Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This and That…

New Tree:  My old “Christmas Forest” (a lighted set of 3 varied height trees) bit the dust a couple years ago.  We had one other 3 ft. tree we’ve used a few years but with the grandkids here for the holidays I thought it was time to invest in a new tree.  I knew I did not want a bulky full sized tree so I was very happy to find a 7.5 ft. SLIM tree.  Perfect… simply perfect!  What a hoot it was with the baby helping us decorate.  He could not run fast enough back and forth between me (with the box of decorations) and his mother (hanging them).  Over the next couple weeks many of the lower ornaments got hung higher has he persisted in playing with them – but for the most part it was fun to watch him walk up and look at the ornaments.  The kids had a grand time! The baby really is in a clean shirt… he was working on a new molar so it didn’t take him long to get drool all over it even on Christmas morning!


The thing I hate about holiday trees is that you then have to take them apart and store them… so I got a Tree Keeper storage bag! Treekeeper 4 

The bag arrived last Friday and on Sunday The Engineer and I pulled the tree off it’s stand long enough to attach the bag and about 10 minutes later the tree is standing in the basement taking up a whole lot less room than it would in it’s box… and I won’t have to spend an hour or two re-fluffing the branches next year!

Treekeeper 2Treekeeper 3

How cool is that?!!

I’ve been knitting in the evenings…

Blue Scarf

This wraps nicely around my shoulders or I could double wrap it around my neck… but I mostly use it to keep my shoulders and arms warm while watching TV.  It’s Baby Alpaca so it’s soft and oh so warm.  I wish I had made it a bit wider so… here is plan B.

Red Cowl

I saw this cowl in the September issue of my Creative Knitting Magazine.   Although it’s done – I’m thinking about picking the stitches back up and giving it another round or two at the top to snug it up a bit more around my neck.  I’ll have to try it on another time or two and decide… but I love it that it covers my shoulders and arms down to my elbows and since it’s nice and stretchy I have full use of my hands and arms.  It’s superwash merino wool.

Late last summer I had lost 10 lbs (woot woot!) but between spraining my knee in early Oct. (resulting in a lower activity level) and the carb fest we call the holidays I found 3 of them (boooo!).  All the yummy goodies are gone and I’m back to focusing on getting some daily exercise.  Ow… some of those muscles forgot how to work hard.

Speaking of exercise… enough sitting for me this morning…

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