Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Momma Knows Best…

Well - outside of the fact that she made her nest in my herb garden… she’s really pretty smart.

neighbors 004

At least she knows the fine art of making a nest.

I found the tell tale signs (disturbed dirt and grass clippings) in the garden the other morning when I went out to water.  So I didn’t water that area in case there were babies in there.

Later I started gently pulling out the grasses that covered the opening and digging further and further down pulling out stuff as I went… no babies!  Yea!

What a nice, cozy nest she made – at least 12 inches in and just underneath my thyme.  I dug out a bunch of grass used to cover the opening and line the walls of the nest… but as I continued to dig down – there was a bunch of wood pieces from the garden mulch laid in the bottom of the nest to keep her babies dry.

silly rabbit

Sure hope she has a Plan B… 

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