Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 27 Stash Report...

I am so copying Judy L this week...

Nothing in and nothing out!

I am back to work at the Quilt Shop - I made it in all three days this week!  I've been working on a shop sample and it's almost done.  I'll have pictures later this week.

In a couple weeks I'll have Quilty Friends arrive for a weekend visit!  I think the list of visitors covers Maine, New Hampshire, NY, NJ, PA and possibly KY?  Hopefully some day-trippers as well.  Which means I need to clean up and finish arranging my sewing room... the last of those boxes have to find a home in the attic storage room, and all that fabric laying on the day bed up there needs to be put away - or spread out so the ladies can sleep on it.

Shopping yesterday at the Kutztown Folk Festival I saw these Personalized Covered Cake Pans...  how cool are they?  I'm thinking they would make great gifts... my girls (are ya reading this too?) might be getting one for Christmas this year!  If they are lucky they get to pick out the design and lettering... LOL

Gotta run and cut the grass - I got a reprieve last week but need to help out this weekend... so a pain pill and the couch are in my future as well.  Guess I'll need to find a movie to sleep in front of watch this afternoon.

Oh and last but not least here is a picture of a quilt I saw yesterday... I like the layout... I'll have to play around with that in EQ later.

7-4-09 kutztown 009


Anonymous said...

Oh Howdy...I can't come! I have so much work to do before I leave for Maine that taking a weekend away...would be waaaaaaaaay to much.
I'll get there soon!


Stephanie D. said...

Well, at least you broke even!