Thursday, April 3, 2008

Windows Live Writer review...


Not like I'm an expert or anything - but I ran across this tool when it was mentioned by Dawn Meehan from 'Because I Said So'.  Seems she has a lot of problems posting with Blogger.  Since she posts pretty much daily - I consider her an expert on having problems with Blogger.  I admit I've had a few problems getting the layout of my posts to do what I want - especially when adding pictures and sometimes I'd wind up with multiple spaces between paragraphs - but I figured it was just me.

Here is a link to Windows Live  where you can download Writer (yep it's free) along with a bunch of other stuff - which I didn't do... cuz I just don't need more stuff I ain't gonna use.  So far it's pretty cool - it spell checks as you type and it doesn't like words like cuz and ain't and gonna and I bet it won't like y'all either... yep I was right - red squiggly lines under each and every one... LOL - well you can't see them but I can and despite the fact that the spell checker doesn't like them - they are spelled correctly in their incorrect sorta way... LOL

You can mess with the fonts... and that is always fun!

You can do all the same kinda things you could do from Blogger -

insert hyperlinks as you go - how about some quilt blocks from Quilters Cache to jump start your next project?

And you can add pictures - here is Miss K with some of her friends...

keao turtlesand hey look at this too...

You can put in a table which is cool
if you need a table to makes lists and such

And a map... go ahead and click on it - it shows you where Southampton Quilts is in Massachusetts... just in case you want to visit sometime.

Map image

So if you want to try out something different - give Windows Live Writer a look...

I'm thinking I like it and will be using it...

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Bon said...

Good morning,
That sounds like a great tool. I too have problems with the layout in Blogger when I use pictures. Things never end up like I want them. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the tip.
BTW, maybe I'll use your map the weekend of the 19th or the next one. Not that I don't already know how to get there. LOL